What Inspires Me? (November edition)

It’s been a few months since I have been able to do this, but I’ve got a few links to share that inspire me! Plus, it’s the beginning of my favorite month…November (the month of my birth and Thanksgiving, two of my most favorite holidays!)

Great Conversation Starter:
You May Never See Another Couple Full of Christ-Like Love Like This is one of those stories that shares hope in a difficult situation and makes the small stuff seem rather irrelevant. This was a great conversation starter in our home and certainly a heartwarming leap for this couple.

With the Merida princess debate from a few months back, this certainly is a great follow up: Artist Puts Disney Princess Filter 10 Real Life Female Role Models.

For Football Watchers
You know I am a football fan, Really, it doesn’t even matter what exactly is happening in this video, because I still think it’s awesome. Pat McAfee is a great addition to my favorite team! Although he screwed up a bit in his rookie season, he has redeemed himself through his great football play and his contributions to the community. He has his own show, also, and it’s just fun.

This is also great, because he dealt with it like a champ. Why can’t a punter know how to tackle?

What I am listening to:
This American Life is one of the best podcasts out there and one of my favorite, too. I just listed to one titled, “Confessions” and it was so good.  Podcasts have taken the place of reading, somewhat for me, which makes me sad, but also I am glad for opportunities to gain knowledge and learn, while driving! Podcasts like this, make the commute to work as well as running, much more enjoyable!

We finally got up to the current season of Parks and Rec and it’s such a great show. Being from Indiana,  I can laugh even more about some of the accuracies (although I am not from a small town). It’s just a fun, entertaining show.

Scandal – I got hooked on this show when I was looking for something new to watch on Netflix. First episode was rather unrealistic, but I kept watching anyway and now that I am up to the current season, I can’t wait for Thursday night!

The Voice – I’ve said it before and I will say it again, what an entertaining show!

Parenthood – My husband makes fun of me about watching such emotionally-charged shows. He won’t watch them with me because they stress him out. I get his point of view, but I don’t watch them because they are difficult. I watch because while it’s not reality, it does deal with real life joys and struggles and it shows a family dynamic that I think is realistic. I also relate and am reminded of my family, it’s quirkiness, but what I love about them too!

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