What Inspires Me (October Edition)

The October edition of “What Inspires Me” is a little late, but here nonetheless!

I rarely discuss politics in anything I post, but I wanted to present this article, which I think Christians not only need to read, but also digest and take to heart. 7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics

Here is football player to look up to as a role model. Shame on fans for their behavior. Athletes are humans too, and deserve to be treated that way. Eric Winston’s Powerful Statement

From KReadsblurbsMy Spouse is Not My Provider. How do we view God as our Provider?

I learned something about women in science as Maria Popova presents Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science. This post is inspired by my mom, who has always been a strong advocate for helping girls get interested in math and science career fields.

Introvert Power:
Susan Cain, author of the book, “Quiet” does a TED Talk. Just makes me more excited to finish the book!

Cal Newport provides some real world advice that hit home for me in The Real Reason You Haven’t Found Work You Love (The Wisdom of Cal Newport). (And I learned while posting this that my husband went to college with Cal!)

Donald Miller provides a great marketing tip for those of us who are pursuing book writing/publishing…How I Used Twitter to Write a Book

Mark Batterson blogs 10 Writing Tips, which is encouragement to me as a long-time writer, but new to the journey of publishing.

From Two to One shares her personal struggle with a very public hobby. How a Very Private Person Learned to Blog Publicly

What inspires you this month? Please share in the comment section!

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