What Inspires Me? (September Edition)

I was inspired to post a plethora of my favorite posts from the past month when I started reading HopefulLeigh and RachelHeldEvans.  I have to say my favorite time of the week/month is when I get to read what inspires others, because it inspires me too! So, each month, I will post meaningful, random, sports-related, or just whatever catches my eye links that inspire me as a writer, sports fan, Christ follower, etc…

Note: I am just discovering so many new blogs, so if I didn’t find it myself, I gave credit to who found it first!

This blog was posted just as I was beginning to brainstorm for my own blog and provided some much needed motivation to get going! How to Grow Your Blog (While Having Fun and Staying True to Yourself) via Modern Mrs. Darcy

As I explore the purpose behind my writing and sharing it with a larger audience from two to one posted on Why You Should Invest in Yourself

Work Less to Get More Done via lifehacker

Donald Miller presents a thought on all meetings taking place on Friday, so the rest of the week can be focused on writing or whatever your task at hand is. What a concept! Need to Manage Your Relationships? Consider Friendly Fridays

As a writer, I love to read articles like this: Ezra Pound’s List of the 6 Types of Writers and 2 Rules for Forming an Opinion via Brain Pickings

SparkedUse your love of social media to volunteer and make a difference! 

How to Read Like a Writer via Brain Pickings, inspires me to read everything as if I were a sponge and let it soak within me so I can then express my own thoughts using what I have already taken in. 

What Kind of Book Reader Are You? via The Atlantic. I am “Delayed Onset Reader #1”, what are you?  …And here’s the addendum on the article

Thought – Provoking:
It’s called restorative justice: A Different Justice from The Atlantic tweeted by @kleinbeck 


I’m a huge football fan, but this provides great perspective on a game that is ultimately for entertainment purposes. After Four Concussions (Not Three), It’s Time For The Colts To Release WR Austin Collie via Stampede Blue

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