What Inspires Me? (September edtion)

I skipped July and August for this post because, well, my summer was crazy!
Summer didn’t feel like it was happening until the first of August, so I wanted to enjoy it!
But I’ve got some links and items that inspire me as summer ends and fall begins!

This. Is. Fascinating.:
Why I Called Out Joel Osteen & Joyce Meyer is a blog post from a pastor who needed to remind people that there are other gospels being preached and that false teachers exist, as we are warned in the Bible (Matthew 7:15-16). I am not posting this to judge other Christians, but the Bible does tell us that we have to hold each other accountable as believers, especially if false teachings are being put out there. Is the Gospel being preached centered in Jesus Christ and what He has done for us? And is the message being taught that there is nothing we can do, but it’s through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice that we are saved?

Appreciated this perspective as it seems like sometimes we don’t always hear this branch of the conversation: The Baby Question. I appreciate children and the people who raise them, but I think it’s ok to pause when making the decision to pursue a family.

Most Practical:
As someone who wants to be more organized and loves reading about trying to get there, I love this post!

I got back into reading a little bit and started reading this:

…borrowed it from a friend and I am hooked! It’s so interesting because it reads like a novel, but everything in it really happened, and I am re-living my years in the Detroit area, through it. By no means can I claim Detroit, but living in MI for 5 years, I get it.

FOOTBALL is back! Can you tell that I am excited? We have drafted in our fantasy football league(s) (yes, I am one of those!) and I am so excited to spend my Sunday afternoons on the couch!
And if you want to get a laugh about your favorite team, check out this great series: Why Your Team Sucks. It will get you ready for the season!

Season 6 of Burn Notice recently became available on Netflix! Since we haven’t had cable and this is not one of the shows you can watch for free on online, we have been patiently waiting as they are already into season 7! Now, if we can just get Suits next, we will be all set!

We just watched all six seasons of Rules of Engagement and patiently waiting for Netflix to update last seasons shows so we can watch this show, Parks and Rec and HIMYM!

Things I love:
Discovery of these stamps through a fun small group workshop I attended. The creator in me can’t wait to try them out!

My latest fix from Stitch Fix. I got three great pieces for my fall wardrobe and didn’t even have to venture out into the craziness of back to school shopping. Also made my first purchase from Modcloth and am in love!

On the Blog:

I am currently posting a series entitled, “Music that Inspires”, and have had fun exploring the different types of music I like and have come to appreciate through others!

I am linking up with Leigh Kramer again this month. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is into, too!

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