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When it rains, it pours…

This saying is usually in reference to a copious amount of stressful situations being dumped on you. But in this case, I am actually referring to the weather and my dislike for it at the moment.

On this wonderful October day, it’s pouring rain. Really, this has been the weather this entire week!

We moved to a city, Baltimore, that apparently knows how to bring the weather down in the month of October. It’s perfect, really, if you just love Poe and dark days to build up the excitement of Halloween.

I know the Northwest part of this country is the rainiest year-round, but I seriously think Baltimore could compete in the month of October.

For me, I LOVE fall. I love Halloween, too, but fall and I are good friends.

The leaves changing colors…
The fall clothing…
Going to the orchard…
Drinking apple cider and eating cider donuts….
The cooler, but not too cold weather, where you have to wear a sweatshirt.
Football season begins…

My love of fall is similar to Lorelai Gilmore’s love of snow/winter.

But in one episode of ‘Gilmore Girls’, Lorelai and snow have a falling out. This is sort of how I am feeling about fall:


I hope this rain is just temporary, because it’s really putting a damper on my mood and my love of fall.

It will help me next week when we return to the Midwest and get back to the orchards and all the things I love about this wonderful in-between season!

But for now, I will be thankful for the moisture, but otherwise I am just going to pout about the lack of fall weather in this place I live!

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