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When TV becomes too real to watch…

Have you ever watched something on TV that just stayed with you?

I’ve seen scary things that have kept me up an extra half hour so I could watch something upbeat before bedtime. I’ve watched the tear jerkers that made for a good cry. I’ve watched shows that have changed my perspective.

TV and film have a powerful effect on us. Yes, it’s entertainment, but if you are watching the best there is to offer, the impact offers so much more.

We started watching House of Cards this past week and have gotten hooked. I promise not to give anything a way, but what I saw in one particular episode required quite a lot of thought processing. It made me wonder if people really exist like these characters? Much of what we watch is based off of real life and sometimes that makes it more difficult to swallow.

It was raw and screwed up and really just left me in a sad mood.

It’s probably good to have these moments, to be thankful that it was just a television show and that my life looks much better. But sometimes, I think, television becomes too real to watch and it’s time to take a break or watch something else, which is much more “entertaining” and doesn’t make me sick or stressed.

I already feel that way sometimes when I look at our world. Sometimes I just want to escape to the fantasy that is created in the imaginations of those gifted in this industry. But I am thankful, just the same, for these moments that make me stop and reflect.

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