Where I Do My Best Thinking

Ever woken up in the middle of the night and needed to write down a bunch of thoughts? Some people keep a notepad and pen by their bed for that very reason. Some people experience this sensation in the shower or early in the morning with their cup of coffee.

I wish any of those were my scenario, but the truth of the matter for me is that I do my best thinking in the car. Not so easy to pull over on the highway when a dozen thoughts are running through your mind, right?

I will be listening to a podcast or music and have to turn it off, because the noise is conflicting with the volume of thoughts running through my head. I cannot hear it because something internally has consumed all of my senses.

As I have often heard, the mind of an introvert is like its own world. The thoughts that run through my mind are many and constant. I need quiet around me because my mind is busy circulating many ideas.

Even when I write down events or tasks on my calendar, it’s hard to also remove them from my brain. Evernote is a wonderful app for me to organize my thoughts and do my best to remove them internally, to make room for the next idea.

While it’s good to know where I am going to be most productive, thought-wise, I am not sure how I can be better prepared. Yes, a suggestion may be to tell Siri.  Well, Siri and I don’t really get along.  I joke that Siri likes my husband better than me. Just the other day we were chatting and he said “Seriously” and she piped up to see what he wanted! A number of times I have tried to ask her to search for something or set a reminder and she doesn’t hear me correctly.

It feels like…


So, as you can see, that’s not really an option.

I could hold the several thoughts in my head until I can arrive someplace to write them down, but I don’t want to be a distracted driver on the busy roads.

While it completely goes against my organized, check list mindset, I could just think the thoughts and let them go, right? If they are really important, they will come back (hopefully).

Even in my own mind, where the imagination runs wild and memories are held, I try and organize my thoughts in a way that restricts its capabilities. Instead, I should be embracing the gift of thought that I do have and feeling thankful that it is full of memories to treasure and ideas that move me forward in this life.

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