Wk 5: Our Displaced Neighbors

The Scriptural basis for this series is the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The story of a man robbed, being displaced and being helped by an unlikely neighbor.

This parable plays out in our lives today as we are witness to and have the opportunity to help in plight of refugees.

Yesterday, I learned the following:

“Today and tomorrow (Tuesday & Wednesday), over 100 Lutheran leaders will meet with congressional offices in Washington, D.C. to urge their members of Congress to protect and welcome vulnerable refugees and migrant children fleeing the endemic violence and persecution in their communities.” 

I am glad to hear how our church body is responding to the call to share the Gospel and serve our displaced neighbors.

Additionally, a local church I am familiar with and connected to through a fellow minister of the Gospel has participated in an amazing service to refugees in recent months.

Working with their local chapter of a refugee placement organization, they adopted a family from Syria…to help find a home, and resettle in the U.S.

The journey of this family is quite the story, because the timing lined up with the travel ban attempted earlier this year.

I love that this church community is reaching out beyond their walls and beyond their state and country to walk along side a family who has seen more horrors in their lifetime than we could never imagine. I love that they are living out the Gospel in their actions above anything they say.

Our district is connecting with them to help share their story. Tune in for 30 minutes (perhaps on your lunch break) on Thursday, March 30 to learn how they are taking care of their neighbors.

You can watch the conversation on Facebook Live:  https://www.facebook.com/sedlutheran/ I am looking forward to it as well!


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