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Writer’s Bucket List

I came across this article and was intrigued by this bucket list.

Here are my ideas/thoughts for the 5 things talked about in the article:

1. “Do something bizarre just to write about it.”

  • I have an adventurous spirit, and so does the person I married, so I actually think this was won’t be too difficult to make happen.I love to write about life, whether it’s the every day observations or the once-in-a-life-time moments. I look forward to trying this one!

2. “Self-publish Something.”

  • I’ve had the desire to complete this one for quite a few years. And it’s on my 2013 goals list. I did find a writing contest through an email list that I plan to enter, and I have until May to do so. That is my next step. I also need to finish my own edits of the piece and pass it on to a classmate for professionally edits. I would like to check this off my bucket list in the next year or two. 

3. “Find a mentor.”

  • Modern Mrs. Darcy JUST posted about this here with some great tips! I have a few people in my life that I would consider mentors, but I know that I need to be much more intentional about it and let them know that is what I think of them! There are two areas in which I feel like I need mentor guidance: my professional career and my desire to take my writing further (i.e. publishing), and I think the person I’ve considered in the past would continue to help me in these two avenues of my life. 

4. “Edit your favorite novel.”

  • This is an intriguing task for which I don’t feel worthy enough to do! One of my favorite novels is “Little Women” and I am not sure how I feel about editing a classic! Although, I will admit that it drives me crazy when I see grammatical errors in published works! I try to go over my own published items with a fine-toothed comb.  We are all guilty of it, but for heaven’s sake, if you are publishing a novel of some kind for millions to read, please edit! 

5. “Live poor for a few months (or years).”

  • I feel like I am experiencing this to a small extent, just based on my profession and then recently in getting married. Although, we have no idea how blessed and rich we are here in the good ol’ US of A. We may think we have very little now, compared to our futures, but I am still thankful for all that I have. I will probably live cheaply for the rest of my life, so there’s not much in addition to do there! If this is motivation to my writing, than I am all for it! 

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